Kagan Spars Over DADT

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Political observers were desperately hoping for more to chew on in the second day of Kagan's confirmation hearings. It seems they may have got it. There was tension in the air as the nominee sparred with Senator Sessions over Don't Ask Don't Tell and Kagan's decisions regarding military recruiters on the Harvard Law School campus while she was dean. Kagan defended her position:

Senator Sessions I have repeatedly said that I believe the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy is unwise and unjust I believed it then and I believe it now. And we were trying to do two things: we were trying to make sure that military recruiters had full and complete access to our students but we were also trying to protect our own anti-discrimination policy and to protect the students who the policy is supposed to protect ...

Responded Sessions: "Well, you couldn't do both, as it became clear." Have a look.

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