Happy Hour Vid: Stewart Returns from Break, BP Still Useless

First they try mud and trash--and now they bring out the robots with diamond saws?

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Jon Stewart is back from break and is taking to oil spill coverage like a Deepwater leak to water. Last we saw he was skewering just about everyone in the media for inane coverage. This time he's got more specific targets: BP and President Obama. He reacts to BP's latest (stalled) plan to check the flow: "We have underwater robots with diamond saws," he says flatly. "And you went with that ... sixth?" BP first attempted to plug the hole with mud and trash, but, he yells, "robots with diamond saws sounds like the first $%^&ing thing I'd try!"

Other highlights include Stewart proposing a new Hannukah with not 8 but 43 days of oil and asking the seemingly distracted President Obama about his bizarrely cluttered schedule in this time of crisis: "how much 'heritage' and basketball bullsh*t do you have to do in a month?" Have a look:

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