Friday 2012 Speculation

What better to do, late in the week, than wonder who will be the Republican presidential nominee?

What better to do, late in the week, than speculate on who will secure the Republican presidential nomination two years from now?

To satisfy your thirst for such endeavors, Hotline OnCall's Reid Wilson has a post on this very topic. The Des Moines Register has just completed a poll of Iowa Republicans, and apparently, as far as GOP preferences in the Hawkeye State, it goes Romney, Palin, Gingrich in the favorable ratings:

Fully 62% have a favorable view of Romney, while 26% see him unfavorably. Palin is seen in a positive light by 58%, and negatively by 39%. And Gingrich, who has made several trips to IA this year, is viewed positively by 56%, while 33% have an unfavorable view of him.