Criticizing Obama Over the McChrystal Profile

Eric Cantor thinks McChrystal's aides comments could be a bad sign

So far, it appears no one will criticize President Obama if he fires (or has already fired) Gen. Stanley McChrystal as top U.S. commander in Afghanistan. Hawkish Republican senators and congressmen, while typically critical of Obama over his handling of the nation's two wars, understand that a chain of command needs to be upheld, that the commander in chief needs to be respected and in charge.

But the president is, evidently, susceptible to criticism over the Rolling Stone profile that led to this whole mess, and the comments McChrystal and his top aides made to the magazine about war leadership from Washington.

The profile "raises questions about what's going on on the ground in Afghanistan, raises questions about whether we're providing the resources to the generals and the troops," House Minority Whip Eric Cantor said today in an interview with Fox.

In the profile, McChrystal's aides exude contempt and distaste for administration figures and their handling of the war in Afghanistan, from Vice President Joe Biden to Ambassador Karl Eikenberry. As Cantor posed it, that might be a red flag that the war is being mishandled by Washington.