Charlie Crist, Less on the Pro-Life

Hotline OnCall's Reid Wilson (along with the Marco Rubio campaign) takes notice of a development on Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's website:

FL Gov. Charlie Crist (I) has removed pro-life language from his campaign website, the latest move in an effort to distance himself from the GOPers who forced him out of the party.

Crist's website, which touts his "independence" and "integrity," now includes sections on open government, offshore drilling, fiscal responsibility and immigration, but it says little about social issues. Ex-FL House Speaker Marco Rubio's (R) camp noticed the omission and forwarded a previous page to reporters.

After leaving the GOP, Crist updated some of the language of his website for the new-look independent bid (dropping, of course, mentions of the GOP) so this appears to be the latest in Crist's web development away from Republican and into independent.