Blackwater: The Retail Store

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Blackwater, the private military firm that perhaps ranks among the world's most scandal-ridden companies, has decided to go into the retail business. After such scandals as bribing Iraqi officials, stealing U.S. weapons, and killing innocent civilians, the company has taken the opportunity to expand from its core business of killing people into the new field of selling people things. The Blackwater Pro Shops, which will sell the same quality good available at its online store, are planned for Fayetteville, North Carolina, and Salem, Connecticut. It goes without saying that both stores will contain a firing range.

  • Who Is Supposed To Shop Here?  Soldier Systems muses, "it seems that the name Blackwater still has some life in it. Despite negative connotations almost everywhere else, the firm still enjoys a great deal of support from the gun owning public. So it only seems natural that the Blackwater name and iconic bear paw logo would begin to see a resurgence. ... What is the significance of these two disparate locations you might ask? Fayetteville should come as no surprise as it is home to Fort Bragg. However, many would not know that Salem is right up the road from the Navy’s submarine force based in Groton, Connecticut."
  • Brand Management, of A Sort  Wired's Noah Shachtman writes, "The company formerly known as Blackwater has tried, with only limited success, to shed its tainted name. So now, 'Xe Services LLC' is embracing the Blackwater brand ... There’s already an online store selling all sorts of swag — from a 'BW Cosmopolitan Pilsner Glass' to a rifle. Maybe they’ll get really smart and leverage the awesome logos that Danger Room readers designed for ‘em a few years back."
  • Merchandising, Merchandising, Merchandising  Mel Brooks, performing in his 1987 film Space Balls, explained "where the real money is made."
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