Angle Meets GOP Senators, Avoids Press

Dan Friedman reports at Hotline OnCall that Sharron Angle came to DC and met with Republican senators at their weekly closed-door luncheon at the Capitol on Tuesday...but only ansered one question from a reporter.

The weekly luncheons (each party holds one every Tuesday while Congress is in session) are held in large meeting rooms just outside the entrances to the Senate chamber, and they're big press stakeouts; reporters line the Capitol halls outside the luncheons, confined by Capitol Police so senators can get through, swarming the lawmakers with tape recorders and notepads. Angle, however, apparently made it through while only answering one question--whether she's pleased with her perception. (She is.)

The DC press corps probably has a lot to ask of Angle, given her controversial proposals (do away with the Education Dept. and phase out Social Security, for instance), the intense fight she's in for against Reid, her campaign's lack of cash, and the news that the Karl Rove-backed soft-money group American Crossroads will help her with spending.

Angle leads Reid in the latest polls.