A Bad Ruling for Gov. Jan Brewer

The Supreme Court has stopped Arizona from providing matching funds to candidates, and Sean Sullivan explains at Hotline OnCall that this could be bad news for both Gov. Jan Brewer and Treas. Dean Martin, both of whom plan to accept public funds in the Republican gubernatorial primary:

GOV candidates who qualify for public financing (Brewer has, Martin plans to) receive a set disbursement -- a little over $707K -- for the primary and are eligible for more money, should a privately financed opponent spend more than the amount they are limited by, up to a total disbursement 3 times as large as the initial one (for Brewer and Martin, this would have meant over $2M each).

The self-funding NRA board member/firearms training center owner Owen "Buz" Mills (R) has spent over $2M on the race so far, going up with TV ads as he aims to build his name ID. Mills' spending would have triggered the additional money for Brewer and Martin, but Tuesday's ruling halted that possibility. Now they will have to settle for the $707K.

Arizona is generally a conservative state, but the governor's mansion could go to a Democrat. Brewer's predecessor, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, is a Democrat, and the incumbent Brewer polls behind Democrat Terry Goddard in Daily Kos/Research 2000 and PPP polls but leads according to Rasmussen.