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The National Review and The New Republic are intellectual stalwarts of the right and left, respectively, so it's not exactly surprising that on Friday, two of their writers snarled at one another from across the blogosphere. The topic was Mexico and Arizona's immigration law.

  • Mark Krikorian: 'More Good News Along the Border' The National Review contributor links to a news story about Texas business leaders asking "all Mexican nationals to avoid crossing the international bridges into the United States for any reason, but particularly for shopping," on May 25 as part of a "Day Without Mexicans" to protest Arizona's new controversial anti-illegal immigration law. "Let's Make It a Week and See How It Goes," is Krikorian's headline.
  • Jonathan Chait: 'Critics of Illegal Immigration' vs. 'Mexican-Haters' The TNR senior editor takes exception to Krikorian's "smirk[ing]" headline, arguing that, if you follow his joke to its logical conclusion, Krikorian is "expressing an objection to Mexicans coming into this country." This is not "about illegal immigrants crossing the border," he reminds readers. "It isn't even about immigrants." He concludes by calling out one of National Review's editors with a Spanish last name: "Kathryn Jean Lopez, this is your cue to say absolutely nothing."
  • Mark Krikorian: No, the Protest Is About Illegal Immigrants "Let's be clear about the facts here," writes Krikorian in response.
This is an attempt by Mexican businessmen to extort amnesty for illegal aliens by holding a metaphorical gun to their own heads, since they obviously need us a lot more than we need them. I say we should call their bluff; Chait seems to be saying we should comply.

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