Rob Simmons Does Not Want Linda McMahon to Win [and Apologizes]

It once appeared that the 2010 Connecticut Senate race would see incumbent Sen. Chris Dodd taken down, amid sagging poll numbers, by his foremost Republican challenger, the former Congressman Rob Simmons. Things didn't go that way, and, now that Simmons is out of the race, it appears he's quite bitter at Linda McMahon, the former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO who won the Republican nomination over the weekend.

The National Review's Robert Costa noted yesterday that Simmons won't be endorsing his fellow Republican anytime soon:
Former Rep. Rob Simmons (R., Conn.) tells National Review Online that he does not think that Linda McMahon can win in the Nutmeg State. "No, I don't think so at all," he tells us. And if McMahon asks Simmons for help on the trail, he says he'll say he is "preoccupied."

...Simmons said McMahon won the endorsement for one reason: "Money."

Simmons earned two Broze Stars in Vietnam, where he served 19 months after entering the Army as a private. McMahon, meanwhile, does not appear to have been boosted drastically against Democratic AG Richard Blumenthal by the latter's Vietnam-service controversy. After suspending his campaign, Simmons still says he'd be a better candidate for the GOP to run against Blumenthal.

"That was a little harsh, I probably shouldn't have said what I said," Simmons said in a phone interview with POLITICO. "I talked too much and I'm sorry."