Quote of the Day: Liberals Like Aging High-School Football Stars

Jonah Goldberg plays fast and loose with the metaphors

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"Indeed, it's worth noting that the only people who are really jazzed to reopen the argument about the Civil Rights Act are liberals. And they have good reason: They won that argument, politically and morally. This is a fact liberals never stop reminding us, and themselves, about. Like a paunchy middle-aged man who scored the winning touchdown in the high school championship, nostalgic liberals don't need an excuse to bring up their glory days (which were not the Democratic Party's glory days, by the way). Give them a living, breathing politician who suggests, no matter how imprecisely or grudgingly, that the Civil Rights Act wasn't perfect, and they'll talk your ear off like a drunk uncle at a wedding."

-- Los Angeles Times columnist Jonah Goldberg, revisiting the media flurry over Rand Paul's controversial statements about the Civil Rights Act of 1964. (Bolding added by the Atlantic Wire.)

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