Despite all the controversy over his statements about his military service, Connecticut AG Richard Blumenthal is up big in his U.S. Senate race against former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon. A Quinnipiac poll--the second major survey taken in Connecticut since The New York Times published its Blumenthal/Vietnam story--shows Blumenthal leading McMahon by a pridigious, towering 25 percentage points, 56% to 31%.

This stands in stark contrast to a one-day Rasmussen poll taken May 18--the first full day after the Times published its story on the night of Monday, May 17, as Blumenthal's military-service statements dominated the national political news from the early morning on the 18th on through the following day--which showed Blumenthal's lead down to three percentage points.

Our two-poll sample is small, and state-specific polling can differ quite a bit.

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