Phoenix Suns Protest Arizona Law With 'Los Suns' Jerseys

A Cinco de Mayo statement

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The Phoenix Suns are pulling off a wardrobe alteration to protest Arizona's immigration law and celebrate Cinco de Mayo. For tonight's game against the San Antonio Spurs, the team's jerseys will read "Los Suns." Often professional athletes try to avoid divisive politics but apparently much of the team (including star point guard Steve Nash) is behind the uniforms.

  • This Law Is Unjust, says Suns star Steve Nash on ESPN: "I'm against it. I think that this is a bill that really damages our civil liberties. I think it opens up the potential for racial profiling and racism. I think it's a bad precedent to set for our young people. I think it represents our state poorly in the eyes of hte nation and the world... Hopefully it will change a lot in the coming weeks."
  • Let's Go Suns! cheers E.D. Kain at True/Slant: "Good for the Suns and good for Steve Nash. There are very few organizations in Arizona as high-profile as the Suns. Hopefully the Cardinals and the Coyotes and all the other sports organizations around the state will also come out against the new law."
  • This Could Start a Trend, writes Steve Krakauer at Mediaite: "Political statements in sports are a rare occurrence. But with the Arizona immigration law already intersecting with sports (in baseball) we could see more players and teams, or entire leagues, taking stands against the bill deemed by some to be unfair toward a set of people who make up large portions of the American sports world."
  • The NBA's Been Doing This for a While, notes James Joyner at Outside the Beltway: "Amusingly, while this move is getting a lot of attention because of the present controversy, this isn't anything new. The NBA has been celebrating Noche Latina the last four seasons, and at least eight teams -- including the Suns -- have worn Spanish variant jerseys in commemoration of that. And the Suns have apparently worn these jerseys twice previously this season without the fanfare."
  • "Shouldn't That Be Los Soles?" asks conservative Don Surber. He chalks it up as an attempt for the Suns to "go PC."
  • Shove It, Nash! gripes a Suns fan who's rooting for the Spurs tonight: "I don't take people who chase an orange ball around for a living very seriously and Steve Nash just reinforced the reasons why. I'm not going to get into the reasons why Nash is full of it, because its been discussed multiple times already on this blog and a million others. So thanks to your dumb stunt tonight Nash, despite the fact that I have been a longtime Arizona resident, I will be rooting for the Spurs."
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