Obama Explains Kagan Pick to Supporters

After announcing Elena Kagan as his Supreme Court nominee Monday morning, he sent the following video out to Democratic National Committee/Organizing for America supporters, explaining the pick and introducing her to his political followers:

Obama praises Kagan as one of the "nation's foremost legal minds" and a "trailblazing leader, the first woman to serve as dean at Harvard Law School." He says Kagan recruited prominent conservative scholars at Harvard to "spur a healthy debate on campus" when some said Harvard's faculty had become ideologically lopsided.

As one would expect, Obama's remarks mirror some of the talking points on Kagan circulated by the White House on Monday.

On one specific point, Obama cites Kagan's defense of "bipartisan campaign finance reform against entrenched special interests." Obama and his party have blasted the Supreme Court's decision in the Citizens United case, and they're pushing for finance reforms that would work around it.