Nevada vs. Chicken Suits

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Nevada Republican Sue Lowden got her Senate primary campaign off to a rough start when she suggested that Congress pursue barter-based health care, insisting consumers could "bring a chicken to the doctor." Lowden's plan was widely mocked, even by Stephen Colbert, as "chickens for checkups." But Nevada election officials are apparently concerned that poultry-based Lowden mockery could become so widespread as to actually disrupt elections. The Associated Press' Martin Griffith reports:

Voters dressed in chicken costumes won't be allowed inside Nevada polling places this year.

State election officials on Friday added chicken suits to the list of banned items after weeks of ridicule directed at Republican Senate candidate Sue Lowden.

... [Senate Majority Leader Harry] Reid spokesman Jon Summers said the Nevada Democratic Party has been sending the volunteers in chicken costumes to Lowden events and he was unaware of any plans for them to show up at the polls.

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