Morning Vid: Olbermann Eviscerates John McCain

The MSNBC host has enough of McCain's pandering to the "lunatic fringe"

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Since returning to his show in April, Keith Olbermann has struck a more subdued tone, eschewing vicious personal attacks for analysis and interviews.

But you can only keep a fiery man down for so long. And after John McCain publicly opposed Mirandizing the Times Square suspect, Olbermann unleashed a vintage tirade against the Arizona senator.

Clocking in at a scant two minutes, Olbermann's latest Special Comment was nonetheless long on vitriol. "The laws are not there to be switched on and off at your discretion, Senator," he thundered. "They are not applicable to all except when you are having trouble getting renominated and you need to boost your poll numbers with the lunatic fringe in Arizona." Noting such repugnant U.S. citizens as John Hinckley and Bernie Madoff were afforded Miranda protection, Olbermann hammered McCain alongside his favorite punching bag: the Tea Party.

When you pander to a group that tries to dress up its bitching about paying its fair share of taxes as "the government is taking away freedom," you propose that the government should take away freedom. You shame yourself in the eyes of American patriots and the eyes of your fellow veterans who sacrificed and the honored dead who gave their lives to protect the freedoms and the laws you have today suggested should be optional.

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