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"So listen up," Dale Peterson orders near the beginning of his campaign ad for the GOP primary for Alabama Agriculture Commission. "They don't give a rip about Alabama," he says of his opponents. Peterson hits all the essentials of a GOP campaign ad: reference to his Vietnam duty, opening shot of the Constitution, mention of "illegals bussed in by the thousands," vague accusations about his opponents stealing yard signs and lying on Facebook, and of course a close-up of his horse. Here's the ad and the reaction:

  • Conservatives See 'Sheer Awesomeness'  Conservatives blogger Allahpundit awes, "Only two things are certain, my friends: (1) He’s about to become the most famous agricultural commissioner candidate in America, and (2) Alabama politics are awesome." RedState chief Erick Erickson adds, "I think I need to give Dale Peterson some money just due to the sheer awesomeness of his campaign commercial."
  • What's Up With Alabama Politics?  Politico's Ben Smith muses, "Alabama Republicans have, for reasons that I don't understand but which I hope a reader will explain, produced a raft of strange and memorable television ads this cycle: Young Boozer's broadside; 'This is Alabama. We speak English'; the scornful attack on an accused evolutionist. This spot from Dale Peterson, a candidate for the Republican nomination for Agriculture Commissioner, may be the best yet. It's sort of a country Mad Max."
  • This Is Seriously Good Ad-Making  The Washington Post's David Weigel writes, "It takes a special kind of political ad to go online on a Sunday and instantly become infamous. It takes a very, very special kind of ad to make that happen for a down-ballot race for an office most states don't have. But Dale Peterson, a Republican candidate for agriculture commissioner in Alabama, has pulled it off. Stacy McCain even speculates that 'Republican consultants are conspiring feverishly' to produce more such ads in order to 'cross the Rachel Maddow Threshold and get mocked by liberals.'"
  • 'The Most American Thing Ever Made'  Gawker's Adrien Chen writes, "Maybe you remember Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim James' flag-waving 'We Speak English' ad. This spot from Republican Alabama Agricultural Commissioner candidate Dale Peterson makes James look like a gay Commie terrorist. ... Dale Peterson is the most American of all Americans: He has his Fourth of July barbecue on top of Mount Rushmore while lighting off fireworks with the bloody clothes of terrorists he killed with his bare hands and writing all-caps letters to members of congress reminding them about the Americans who are still missing in Vietnam.

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