Morning Vid: O'Reilly Pummels AZ Immigration Critics

The media's "dishonest," and Washington's "cowardly"

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A rare week off and a furious backlash against Arizona's "papers please" immigration law appear to have galvanized Bill O'Reilly. Furiously denouncing politicians, the media, and "the pro-illegal alien lobby," Papa Bear tore into liberals while voicing staunch support for the Arizona plan in a marathon Talking Points.

"There's no question that Hispanics in Arizona will be affected by the new law. [...] But with more than 10 million illegal aliens currently in the USA, most of them Hispanic, there's no way to avoid the ethnic issue. Arizona had to do something," O'Reilly argued, pointing to high crime rates in the state and the federal government's inaction on "securing our borders" as more than sufficient reason for the law. The Fox News host then turned his attention to "extreme left" organizations funding efforts to undermine the law and warned that "if President Obama gets tied in with those people, it's going to hurt him."

O'Reilly was just warming up, growing increasingly agitated as he sped towards his vociferous conclusion.

Enough is enough with this brutal situation. The media is flat-out dishonest in reporting it. And our political leadership is largely cowardly in solving it. So we the people have to demand the federal government, not Arizona, control the dangerous border problem. And if they don't, we're going to have to throw them out with our votes.

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