Lunchtime Vid: Ex Geico Voice Actor Challenges FreedomWorks

Will the organization respond?

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When actor Lance Baxter, a.k.a. D.C. Douglas, placed an inebriated call to the grassroots libertarian organization FreedomWorks, little did he know it was the beginning of a battle.To be fair, Baxter used some harsh words, calling the followers of Freedomworks "mentally retarded" and asking if the group had a PR plan if one of its followers killed someone. Upon hearing the voicemail message, FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe posted it on the website Big Government, along with a note to Tea Party followers to call Geico, Baxter's employer at the time, to "let them know that you, in fact, are not a mentally retarded killer, but that you are now in the market for car insurance."

Not surprisingly, the actor was fired from being the voice actor in the car insurance company's television ads, and the story created a small splash when Fox News picked it up.

Now, Baxter has decided to fight fire with fire and has responded to Freedomworks with this: a fake public-service announcement caustically questioning the company's history and intentions.

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