Can Wrestling Mogul Linda McMahon Win Her Senate Race?

Connecticut's official GOP senate nominee faces tough odds

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World Wrestling Entertainment former CEO Linda McMahon has won the Republican primary for Chris Dodd's Connecticut Senate seat. She will face off against Democratic Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who is still recovering from the scandal over his Vietnam service. McMahon defeated former Congressman Rob Simmons for the GOP nod. Here's the opinion on her candidacy.

  • How She's Polling  National Review's Robert Costa finds, "For now, Rasmussen's latest poll shows Blumenthal up by three points on McMahon, 48 percent to 45 percent. Another poll, released by Democratic pollsters Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research on Monday, shows Blumenthal with a 15-point lead, 55 percent to 40 percent."
  • 'An Odd Choice' Over Simmons  Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall muses, "this strikes me as a really poor choice for Republican chances. ... if Republicans do make this race competitive it seems clear that it will be the Vietnam controversy that brings Blumenthal down. Now, between the two GOP candidates who can get more traction on this issue? Not even close, it would seem. Simmons is a genuine Vietnam combat veteran; he later served in the CIA and also in the Army reserves (retiring as a Colonel in 2003). If anyone can make it an issue he can. Meanwhile McMahon has basically spent her career as a sort of executive/professional clown in an 'industry' which is almost synonymous with fakery, nonsense and various other baggage you just don't want to bring into a political campaign."
  • Not Our Best Candidate  Conservative blogger Scott Johnson sighs, "I doubt that former World Wrestling Entertainment executive Linda McMahon is the right candidate to maximize Republican chances against. McMahon apparently had a hand in dredging up Blumenthal's Vietnam deception, and she emerged with the Republican endorsement at the party convention last weekend; her financial resources were apparently a strong selling point along with her outsider status."
  • Huge Wealth Bolsters Chances   The Wall Street Journal's Susan Davis appraises, "McMahon has significant personal wealth and has said she could spend as much as $50 million of her own money on the race. Blumenthal has been heavily favored to win in November, but the revelation that he misstated his service in Vietnam has given the GOP an opportunity to make the race more competitive."
  • 'Caravan of Crazy'  Liberal blogger Mistermix shakes his head. "Compared to this woman's caravan of crazy, Dick Blumenthal's Vietnam fudging is about as politically interesting as a county commissioner using the wrong fork at dinner." He lists her sins:
  • Involved in multiple steroid scandals.
  • Delivered a "low blow" to a commentator on TV as part of his firing.
  • Part of an organization that condones "simulated rape, public sex and necrophilia."
  • Ann Coulter Condemns  Writing in Human Events: "Republicans are planning on running a World Wrestling Entertainment 'impresario' against Blumenthal. Yes, in Connecticut ... a state that is among the wealthiest and most highly educated in the nation ... a state that isn't Minnesota. The average Nutmegger doesn't even know what a turnbuckle is, and that includes me. But defeat is so close! Republicans can almost taste the bitterness of yet another crushing loss!"
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