Bunning Snipes at McConnell's Endorsement

Kentucky's two Republican senators, Jim Bunning and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, find themselves on opposite sides of the heated GOP primary to replace the retiring Bunning next year. There's a bit of intra-state sniping to show it.

After McConnell offered his endorsement to Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson yesterday, here's what Bunning (who is backing Rand Paul) had to say about it, as reported by CongressDaily's Dan Friedman at Hotline OnCall:

"Senator McConnell obviously thinks that by his endorsement he can erase that 12 point margin that Rand Paul has over Grayson," Bunning said...

"I thought it was fitting the way it was announced," Bunning said, citing today's Associated Press story. "That Senator McConnell endorsed the establishment candidate."

There's some back-story here: facing poor poll numbers, Bunning was pressured by the GOP establishment in Washington not to run for reelection.