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Politico's Ben Smith marvels at how Times Square bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad almost got away...

benpolitico: Amazing audio of Emirates 202 being called back to JFK terminal at last minute

...while Foreign Policy's Mark Lynch is already over the hottest question of the day.

abuaardvark: Is it possible to have stupider grandstanding than this Miranda "debate"? Wait, please don't answer that.

In other news, blogger delrayser sees nothing promising in British Petroleum's cleanup strategy...

delrayser: "Prevent ecological disaster by lowering a dome over it"? So basically, BP got its plan from the Simpsons movie. Fantastic.

Business Insider's Joseph Weisenthal speculates about an odd instance of under-coverage...

TheStalwart: Does anyone else thing the Nashville flooding is getting short-shrift in the media because it's a red-state crisis?

Not to cast aspersions on business blogger Paul Kedrosky, but people get breathalyzers for saying things like this...

pkedrosky: The "White House" in Washington DC looks a lot like the real one in Legoland -- albeit much flimsier, what with being non-Lego.

And we didn't include David Weigel in this Best Tweets roundup for once, but via Phillips Fellow Michael Dougherty, he found a way in anyway.

michaelbd: Things to learn about @daveweigel from internet. Methodist (wikipedia) part of post-Buckley right (NYT), spills soda often (

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