Arizona's Immigration Law: The Public Approves

A survey from Pew finds broad public approval for Arizona's new immigration-enforcement policy on numerous fronts--not just up-or-down approval of the new law itself, but on numerous fronts. Politically, the law is supported broadly by Republicans and independents; Democrats are the only partisan group to opppose it.

The survey corroborates a CBS/New York Times poll that found approval for the law last week.

Pew questioned 994 U.S. adults May 6-9.

73% support requiring people to show documents proving citizenship. Even on the most controversial question asked by Pew--whether police should be able to question anyone they think may be an illegal immigrant (note: the law's anti-racial-profiling language was not mentioned here)--a full 62% supported it, with 35% opposing.

Here's the chart from Pew:
Pew AZ immigration chart.jpg