Arizona Employs Anti-Immigration Singing Frog

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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is beset by nationwide condemnation and the threat of potentially damaging boycotts for her state's controversial immigration law, which remains popular with Arizonans. So the Republican governor, who is running for reelection in November, has turned to an unusual figure to save her and her state: a singing frog puppet. Brewer's campaign has released a Muppet-like campaign ad in which a singing frog is interspersed with news clips of administration officials admitting that they have not read Arizona's immigration law in full. Here's the ad and the response:

  • Attempt to Distract From Debate on Law's Merits Think Progress' Alex Seitz-Wald balks, "While Holder and Napolitano should probably have read the bill, they were, as Andrea Nill writes on the Wonk Room, 'likely briefed by someone who had read SB-1070 in detail.' Brewer's video simply attempts to distract the public from the substantive problems with the legislation. ... Moreover, the childish video ironically shows Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) grilling Napolitano for not having read the bill, but fails to mention that McCain himself admitted he had not 'had a chance' to read it."
  • Arizona Fights Playground-Style Newsweek's Daniel Stone sighs, "Add it all up and it's not what you'd call good PR for Arizona, which has seen its tourism numbers dive and has been hit with several boycotts, the most significant from the city of Los Angeles on all official business. So what do you do when everyone on the playground is talking smack about you? You either go home and cry, or you fight back. And any state that has a senator suddenly interested in building a 'danged fence' to keep the illegals where they belong can probably be expected to choose the latter."
  • That's Some Leadership Wonkette's Jim Newell mocks, "One of the funnier ladies in America is Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who just signs whatever racist pieces of paper the nearby wingnuts put on her desk and then says weird nonsense about them in front of teevee cameras. ... Brewer's campaign ponied up for a singing frog hand-puppet to sing about how Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano haven't even read the racist law that just went into place in racist Arizona. The frog's voice is like Kermit's, but more 'lung cancer.'"
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