Yet Another Arizona-China Convergence

Following previous evidence that the two places are becoming one here and here and here. (Maybe plate-tectonic movement will eventually shift Arizona until it's off the coast of Zhejiang province? That would solve one adjoining-country immigration problem for Arizona, but perhaps open up another.) A reader who lived for years in Hangzhou reports that at the upcoming Shanghai World Expo, the city whose patterns of daily life will stand for the North American continent as a whole will be... Phoenix! The reader points to this Wikipedia entry:

In the [Expo's] Urban Dwellers pavilion, video clips narrate the exemplary stories of six real families. The continents are represented by their home cities of Paris (Europe), São Paulo (Latin America), Phoenix, Arizona (North America), Lijiang City (Asia), Melbourne (Oceania), and Ouagadougou (Africa). The circumstances of life of the six families are presented in five chapters concentrating on the issues of home, work, relationship, education, and health.
Artist's conception of the Urban Dwellers site, with sky colors taken from real life:

The reader adds:

Wonder what the "real family" will look like!  hehe.  I'll be there to check it out in person next month.  I'll make sure to bring my papers with me that day!

I'll be there too next month, and the combined Chinese/Arizona forcefield will make me extra sure to have my "papers" close at hand.
For the record: I have absolutely nothing against Arizona, where I have been on countless happy visits, starting with annual Boy Scout camping trips from age 11 onward. But I am proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham in saying that this is an embarrassing, un-American law.