Will Obama Really Tackle Immigration Within a Month?

That's what Senator Scott Brown says

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Republican Senator Scott Brown told reporters that President Obama had called him to give a "heads up" that the White House will be taking on immigration reform within a month's time. Democrats have urged making immigration reform the top priority after passing health care. But financial reform currently tops headlines and many pundits warn that, with the election looming, Democrats should focus on the economy. Is Obama really about to gear up for immigration reform? If he is, what does that reveal about the White House's perspective?

  • Dems Want Reform, Despite Risk  The Wall Street Journal's Jonathan Weisman explains the calculus. "Election season is beginning, a Supreme Court nomination fight is at hand, and Democrats don’t lack for accomplishments, just political support. But [Democratic Senator Chuck] Schumer has argued strongly that they should move forward with a broad overhaul of immigration laws, including a tough crack-down on border security and a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already in the country. If Brown is right, Schumer appears to be carrying the day – for now."
  • The Schumer-Graham Plan  Roll Call's Jennifer Bendery and Jessica Brady lay it out. The plan "entails four key components: a biometric Social Security identification card for employment verification; strengthened border security and interior law enforcement; a process for admitting temporary workers; and a controversial path toward citizenship for illegal immigrants currently living in the United States. Under the proposal, employers would be allowed to hire illegal immigrants only if they were unsuccessful in recruiting Americans for open positions. Undocumented workers living in the country would have to pay fines and back taxes and perform community service in order to earn citizenship. They would also have to pass background checks and become proficient in English."
  • Reform Advocates: We're Wary  The Los Angeles Times' Peter Nicholas relates, "Advocates for illegal immigrants fear the White House is doing the bare minimum to appease Latino voters before the midterm elections in November."
  • This Could Get Ugly  Liberal blogger BooMan worries, "things are about to get crazier than we've ever seen them, and where it all shakes out for the Democrats is anybody's guess. My instincts tell me that this is a bridge too far. I don't think Obama can get any immigration bill passed right now. I don't think too many Democrats want any part of an immigration fight with their polling numbers looking historically bad. And I don't think the Tea Partiers will be able to avoid having their heads explode."
  • Obama Should Do It  Conservative blogger Allahpundit urges, "If it passes, Obama gets a big win and, presumably, a spike in Latino support ahead of the midterms. If it fails, he gets the amnesty groups and the Dems’ Latino caucus off his back — 'hey, I tried!' — while blaming everything on those darned Republicans, which could mean a bump in Latino support for his side anyway regardless. It’s win-win."
  • 'As If There's No Tomorrow'  NBC News' Domenico Montanaro muses, "Back in January, after the GOP's victory in Massachusetts, there was plenty of talk that Democrats would go small, not big. But they're presently acting as if there's no tomorrow -- which, of course, could very well be the case after Nov. 2."
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