What John Dickerson Reads

In the latest installment of The Atlantic Wire's ongoing media diet series--wherein journalists and media figured discuss what they read, and how they read it, day to day--Slate chief political correspondent John Dickerson breaks down his news consumption in a conversation with our own John Hudson.

Dickerson begins the day skimming e-mails from partisans on his Blackberry (which also serves as his alarm clock); it continues with the Washington Post and New York Times, in physical form, delivered to his lawn. Dickerson listens to podcasts in the car--PBS's The News Hour, and Minnesota NPR's Speaking of Faith--and checks out Politico's Playbook, MSNBC's FirstRead, and ABC's The Note once at work.

Dickerson goes heavy on the Twitter and Google Reader consumption, dividing work from play in RSS folders, and his non-work diet trends toward the literary: he reads David Foster Wallace and McSweeney's.

For Dickerson's full rundown, see John Hudson's post at The Atlantic Wire.