The New CIA Interrogation Documents

Lots of reading to do, and lots of hints about horrible things. Here's a particularly interesting end passage from an e-mail by a not-known person to Dusty Foggo, the CIA's number three about the destruction of interrogation videotapes (Jose is Jose Rodriquez, the deputy director for operations, and Rizzo is the CIA's general counsel):

Either [REDACTED] lied to Jose about clearing it with [REDACTED] and IG (my bet), or or Jose misstated the facts. (It is not without relevance that [REDACTED]  figured prominently in the tapes, as [REDACTED] was in charge of the [REDACTED] at the time and clearly would want the tapes destroyed.

"Rizzo Is clearly upset, because he was on the hook to notify Harriet Miers of the status of the tapes because It was she who had asked to be advised before any action was taken Apparently, Rizzo notified Harriet this afternoon and she was livid which he said was actually unusual for her. Rizzo does not think this Is likely to Just go away."