Ted Nugent Writes Glowing 187-Word Palin Bio

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Each year, Time compiles its Time 100, a comprehensive list of the 100 influential people "who most affect out world." Each pick is accompanied by a brief biography written by another noteworthy person. Unsurprisingly, Sarah Palin made the cut for Time's "Leaders" category. More surprising, perhaps, was the profile writer: Ted Nugent. The hard-rock guitarist--and vocal conservative--captured Palin's folksy, down-to-earth charm in a folksy, down-to-earth, affectionate bio. "If Sarah Palin played a loud, grinding instrument, she would be in my band," begins Nugent:

The independent patriotic spirit, attitude and soul of our forefathers are alive and well in Sarah. ... Her rugged individualism, self-reliance and a herculean work ethic resonate now more than ever in a country spinning away from these basics that made the U.S.A. the last best place. We who are driven to be assets to our families, communities and our beloved country connect with the principles that Sarah Palin embodies. We know that bureaucrats and, even more, Fedzilla, are not the solution; they are the problem.

Nugent closes on a personal note. "I'd be proud to share a moose-barbecue campfire with the Palin family anytime," he quips. "So long as I can shoot the moose."

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