President to Wall Street

Obama takes his financial reform push into the belly of the beast

President Obama will take his case for financial regulatory reform to the belly of the beast. He'll (tie up traffic and) speak to an audience of Wall Streeters in New York this Thursday. He will speak at Cooper Union. His speech is designed to coincide with a push from Democrats to open floor debate in the Senate on their fin-reg bill. They've got 59 votes, and they need one Republican to join them, which is why Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is on Capitol Hill all week. From press secretary Robert Gibbs:

On Thursday, President Obama will travel to New York City where he will deliver remarks at Cooper Union on Wall Street reform. Almost two years after the crisis hit and almost one year after the Administration first laid out a detailed plan for holding Wall Street accountable and protecting consumers, he will call for swift Senate action. The crisis has already wiped out trillions of dollars in family wealth and cost over 8 million jobs. The President will also remind  Americans what is at stake if we do not move forward with changing the rules of the road as a part of a strong Wall Street reform package.