Polling Overkill? CNN Tracks Tiger Woods Favorables

Everyone (except journalists and pundits) hates polls. Consumers of political media, including commenters on this site, lament that there are too many of them. We're too obsessed with polls, they say. President Obama gets in on the poll-bashing, too, usually when he's telling the commentariat to settle down from its health care frenzy.

I'm with you. How can a sample of 1,000 people express such broad trends in public opinion? And yet, polls are oddly fascinating...and fun to talk about...

Well, you may not know it, but there is more more polling going on than even the Washington press corps has time to focus on: CNN has been tracking favorable/unfavorable opinion on Tiger Woods since 2000.

Tiger's new favorables are out today. If you thought the political realm was saturated by polls, just know that said saturation extends beyond the politics bubble.

Apparently Tiger was less popular during the Masters (survey was taken Thursday-Sunday, i.e. the days of the tournament) than he was in late March:
Tiger fav unfav poll.jpg