Organizing for America Wants Work as an Elections Analyst

Organizing for America, the Democratic-National-Committee-run activist network of Obama supporters, evidently needs some analysts to run data on voter targeting in the 2010 elections.

I say this because OfA sent an e-mail to its own supporters today asking if anyone wants to apply. OfA has three jobs open, all to work in its DC headquarters.

Here's the e-mail, wherein OfA goes to the well of its own ranks:

[XXXXX] --

Are you interested in campaign data analysis? Want to get involved in the 2010 elections?

This year, the Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America are looking for creative, quantitatively-minded individuals to join the Targeting Department.

We are filling three analytics positions -- Elections Analyst, Modeling Analyst and Lead Modeling Analyst -- to work in our D.C. Headquarters.

We are looking for bright, hard-working people with experience in areas such as data, statistics, analytics, mapping and programming to work in a fun, fast-paced and exciting environment.

Learn more and submit an application now.

As we look forward to 2010, our ability to reach out to key voters, monitor our progress and effectively deploy our resources will be critical to our success in November.

Apply now:

Please be sure to pass this note along to anyone else you know who might be interested.

Thank you,


Dan Wagner
Targeting Director