Obama: "Current Republican Nominee Mitt Romney"

Clearly a Freudian slip by the president, but I wonder what Mitt Romney thinks of being anointed by Obama so early. Here's what he said, in an interview with CBS News's Harry Smith: "Yeah, the--the sort of plan proposed by current Republican nominee Mitt Romney, yeah." The context: after the jump.

And I don't-- get too-- worried when things aren't going as well because
I know that over time these things turn.  I-- I do think that everybody
has a responsibility, Democrats or Republicans, to tone down some of
this rhetoric.  And the truth is some of these comments when you
actually ask, well, this is based on what?  This notion that Obama's a
Socialist, for example.  Nobody can really (LAUGHTER) give you a good
answer-- much less when they, you know, make--
                HARRY SMITH:
  They would say mandating--
                HARRY SMITH:
   --that people have to buy insurance or something like
                PRESIDENT OBAMA:

  Yeah, the-- the sort of plan proposed by current--
Republican nominee Mitt Romney, yeah.  So it-- it-- it doesn't make too
much sense.  But, look, this is part of-- our media environment right
now.  And, frankly, you know, gets a lot more covering and attention
than-- many used to.

    I mean, it-- it used to be that somebody who said--
something crazy-- they might be saying it to their next door neighbor,
or it might be on some-- you know, late night AM station at the very end
of the radio dial.  And now with the Internet and the blogs, it's-- you
know, it ends up getting a lot more attention.  And you guys end up
covering it a lot more.  It's not as if there haven't been-- a lot of
crazy things said-- out-- out and about (PLANE) over the years.  It's
just now it gets much more magnified much more quickly.