O'Reilly: Roger Cohen a 'Quisling'

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The Obama administration's use of drone warfare has led to some successful strikes. Yet detractors claim the strikes are illegal and immoral, pointing to unintended civilian casualties as a reason to scrap the program. The New York Times' Roger Cohen has another objection, decrying the use of drones for "targeted killings by U.S. intelligence officers" against al-Qaeda and other targets. "Revenge killings don’t pass the test for me," he wrote in a March 26 column. "They’re unacceptable under international law."

Cohen's comments drew the ire of right-wing titan Bill O'Reilly, a proponent of the drone strikes. The Fox News host struck back at Cohen and others who have condemned the program, arguing their actions "helps al Qaeda and the Taliban, enemies of the U.S." After mockingly repeating Cohen's "revenge" quote, O'Reilly dug deep into his historical thesaurus and turned up "quislings" a term synonymous with "traitors" named after Vidkun Quisling, a Norwegian politician who conspired with the Nazis to overthrow Norway's government.

All Americans should know there are major quislings in this country, people who believe the U.S. is the evil force and the terrorists are just responding to that. There's no better example of far left nuttiness than this campaign against the drone attacks.

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