No Respect for Romney


Tina Fey doesn't do a Mitt Romney impersonation, so casual observers of the political scene might not be picking up on the DC press corps' diminishing respect for Mitt Romney, who has boldly endorsed Marco Rubio in Florida, now that he's running 30 points ahead of Charlie Crist. Politico's Mike Allen, the beau ideal of a fair-minded, nonpartisan reporter, relayed the news as follows in this morning's Playbook:

PROFILES IN PANDERING: Mitt Romney, finally endorsing Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio after it looks like Gov. Crist will bolt the party and has no chance of winning the primary if he stays in. Bold!

Wow. That's gotta smart! It's the journalistic equivalent of affixing a "Kick Me" sign to somebody's back. Thornton Melon never had it so bad...