Morning Vid: Stewart Sighs at Loophole-Seeking Insurers

"But why would you look for one?!"

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Though many provisions of health care reform don't go into effect until 2014, one portion of the bill was expected to pay immediate dividends: the guarantee that children will no longer be deprived of health care because of a preexisting condition. The insurance industry conceded the point last week after being pressed by the White House, and the debate appeared to be over.

But on Monday, Jon Stewart reported insurance companies are still looking for a loophole in the legislation that will allow them to continue denying children coverage. The Comedy Central satirist appeared flabbergasted by the insurance companies' blatant profit-seeking, asking insurers what they could possibly be thinking.

Why would you look for a loophole for that? Are you worried that when you go to hell you'd only be taking the local, and you want to make sure you're gonna be on the express? Why would you look for a way not to cover children?

Stewart explains insurance companies believe they can still drop coverage, just not for preexisting conditions. Disgusted, he shows "video" of a health care CEO instructing his people to look for a loophole: a clip from "The Mummy" where the mummy unleashes thousands of locusts from his mouth.

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