Morning Vid: Olbermann Strikes Out on 'Palin Perjury' Idea

Dave Weigel lets him down easy

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(Hat tip: Mediaite)

Keith Olbermann routinely lampoons Sarah Palin, most recently attacking her support of the Tea Party. So when a giddy Olbermann teased to a "Did Sarah Palin Commit Perjury?" segment at the top of his show, viewers braced for an epic reveal.

Instead, Olbermann came up with nothing but air. After announcing Palin's contradictory testimony at the trial of a student who allegedly broke into her email account, he declared: "She may have committed perjury." But when he put the question to Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel, Olbermann received a definitive answer in the negative. "You seem to be having a good night and I hate to wreck it for you... but it doesn't sound like she's actually trapped herself in anything here," Weigel began.

Olbermann took the news with a good-humored chuckle. "Well that's--the correct answer is the one we're looking for, not one that might just, as a matter of theory, please someone who was involved in the show," he said.

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