Lunchtime Vid: Palin Praises Arizona's Immigration Law

If the feds were doing their job, she says, we wouldn't be having this conversation

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Sarah Palin appeared on Sean Hannity's Fox News program Tuesday to discuss Arizona's hotly debated immigration law. Unruffled by reports of outraged dissent, Palin echoed a line of argument others have advanced this week: that by signing the bill, Arizona governor Jan Brewer took the necessary steps to address a problem the federal government has been negligent about. "Brewer and her legislature, they did the right thing," Palin told Hannity in the clip shown below. "Seventy percent of Arizonans who support this law are doing the right thing, in sending this wake-up call to the feds."

Mediaite's Frances Martel, no fan of Palin, nonetheless praised the former Alaska governor's conduct here as "eloquent" and "formidable." Watch:

In part two of this interview, Palin hits back at critics like Joe Klein, the Time columnist who recently told Chris Matthews that some of Palin's comments about President Obama and the federal government "rub right up close to being seditious."

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