Happy Hour Vid: Buchanan Thinks Cyberattack Is 'Attack in the Atmosphere'

"Do they mean computers?"

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Call it a generational thing, or proof that pundits sometimes stray from their areas of expertise: either way, this video's fun. In a clip Mediaite pounced on with glee, Chris Matthews tries to engage Pat Buchanan in a discussion about nuclear weapons, asking what Michelle Bachmann means by bringing them up as a possible retaliation to a cyberattack. But as it turns out, Buchanan isn't quite sure what a cyberattack is. Matthews winds up having to gently disabuse the pundit of the notion that a cyberattack means "they [are] attacking the atmosphere." Buchanan concludes, "I don't think I'd strike with nuclear weapons if they hacked into my computer, no."

Have a look:

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