Greene Campaign Responds to 'Smear'

Mere hours after real estate billionaire Jeff Greene announced he's running for Senate in Florida, the attacks have been flying. You can see a summation of them here. To my knowledge, most of them aren't coming from the campaign of Greene's new opponent in the Florida Democratic Senate primary, Rep. Kendrick Meek. (They were trafficked to me by the Service Employees International Union.)

But Greene's campaign is lashing out at the "smear" campaign, and accusing Meek's operation of orchestrating it. Greene campaign consultant Paul Blank released the following statement Friday afternoon:
"It's been 4 hours since Jeff Greene announced his campaign, and already it's politics as usual."

"Kendrick Meek is a career politician in the pockets of special interests. Meek came to office in a sweetheart deal and is being helped by the special interests who fund his campaign. After being in the swamp of Washington for the last 8 years taking the special interest money while everything continued to get worse and Floridians lost their jobs, Meek, like the other career politicians in this race, wants a promotion. Predictably, rather than running on his record, Meek has resorted to smears and lies."

"Jeff Greene took on Wall Street and won and will take on Washington and win for the people of Florida. He will shake things up, create jobs and put Florida first. And unlike the 3 career politicians who have only been worried about their jobs for the last decade, Greene is running to fight for the jobs of Floridians."