Grayson Storms Tea Party Meeting in Perkins

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It has not been a good week for Alan Grayson. The House Democrat from Florida had already been lampooned by Jon Stewart for "dropping the Selma bomb on one urologist" who balked at the health care bill. Thursday, Grayson one-upped himself with a mad dash into a Perkins restaurant to interrupt a local Tea Party meeting.

In a bizarre sequence, Grayson accused the Tea Partiers of spying on an Organizing for America meeting and was rebutted by local mayoral candidate Matthew Falconer. Grayson argued with Falconer and Tea Party members before bolting from the restaurant. He soon returned and engaged in a contentious discussion with Tea Party organizers, who challenged him to have a debate with his opponents in his House race. Unfortunately for Grayson, both incidents was captured on video, including his demand that a woman stop recording him on her cell phone.

Grayson's meltdown earned flurry of attack from conservative bloggers.

  • He's Lost It "Things have deteriorated," Yid With Lid's Sammy Benoit comments dryly. "I truly believe that the cheese is sliding off his cracker and he totally losing it." Equal parts baffled and outraged, Benoit concludes Grayson is one House member who doesn't belong. "Grayson constantly shows that he does not have the professionalism and class to hold public office."
  • Unhinged "Classy," hisses Michelle Malkin, who makes no effort to hide her disgust. "Here is Democrat MSNBC host-wannabe Alan Grayson starring in his latest unhinged YouTube instant classic," she sneers before comparing him to a ranting foe from her past. "You know who Alan Grayson reminds me of? He’s Alex Jones in a suit."
  • Not Enough Media Coverage "Where is the MSM on this?" splutters Frank Ross at Big Journalism. "Were Grayson a Republican, they would have elevated him to the status of a national punching bag — the sneering face of the joke this Congress has become. Instead, like Frank, they give him a pass because he’s wacky and lovable and, well… one of them."
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