Could Rahm Emanuel Really Become Chicago Mayor?

He'd like to give it a shot

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Last night, White House of Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel announced his interest in running to be Mayor of Chicago (video and quotes here). Emanuel has been the subject of gushing profiles in the D.C. media but is a controversial figure among many liberals who see him as pushing Obama to the right. Can Emanuel, after years in Washington as a White House official and congressman, go home to lead the "Hog butcher for the world," the immortalized "City of the Big Shoulders"?

  • So He'll Get It Gawker's Jeff Neumann declares, "Rahm Emanuel will one day rule Chicago." Why? "The White House chief of staff says he will be mayor of Chicago eventually, because Rahmbo gets what he wants every time."
  • Yeah, If Daley Ever Retires The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza has his doubts. "That's a big 'if' when it comes to Daley -- the iconic mayor of Chicago who was been in office since 1989 and later this year will break the record (held by Richard J. Daley, his father) for longest tenure in the job." He weighs Daley's reelection prospects and finds that, even with all the mayor's troubles, "it's clear from conversations with a variety of Democrats with knowledge of Chicago politics that if Daley runs, Daley wins."
  • Rahm and Daley Go Way Back Politics Daily's Lynn Sweet digs up the history. "One of Emanuel's earliest jobs in politics was as a fundraiser for the mayor, and Daley's political muscle was instrumental in Emanuel winning a House seat in 2002." She adds that Emanuel has long played down reports he sought the mayor's office, presumably not wanting to appear to threaten Daley.
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