Carl Levin and Snooki from 'Jersey Shore'

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Before Tuesday, Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) and Snooki from Jersey Shore had little evidently in common. In his sixth term, Levin led a comfortable existence as Michigan's longest-serving U.S. Senator. He dabbled in consumer financial protection and military policy.

On the other hand, Snooki (formally Nicole Polizzi) led a turbulent existence on MTV's reality series. Her promiscuous exploits attracted tabloid headlines and even the ire of CNN's Anderson Cooper.

However, after Levin's profanity laced tirade against Goldman Sachs, a Republican aid draws a pop culture comparison:

"He turned the Senate proceedings into an episode of 'Jersey Shore' -- a lot of yelling, expletives flying and no conclusion," he tells the New York Post. "Levin sounded more like Snooki after a night out than a senator."

If you extend the analogy, at least one more Jersey Shore-politician comparison might spring to mind. Dick Cheney=The Situation? His Senate chamber "go **yourself" remark raises the question.

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