Bronx Cop Merges 'Twilight,' Sexual Harassment

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We already knew that Twilight, the vampire book and movie series that has taken young America by storm, is a surprisingly big hit with many adults and may have a possible subtext of domestic abuse. But the series' somewhat mystical effects have been even more far reaching in the New York Police Department's Bronx detectives' headquarters, where Twilight has become much darker than mere fictional vampires.

According to the New York Daily News' John Marzulli, Deputy Chief Michael Gabriel, who oversees the Bronx detectives, has "made the squad room a hostile workplace with obsessive behavior." Gabriel, who Marzulli says "apparently digs the Twilight saga," is accused by a subordinate detective of sending inappropriate text messages that are laced with references to Twilight.

"I ask for ur forgiveness and another chance (Think Bella forgiving Jacob)," Gabriel wrote in a text [his accuser] showed to the Daily News.

The comment seems to refer to the lusty Bella and her suitor Jacob, who transforms himself into a werewolf in the vampire series popular with teenagers.

In another text message from an NYPD-issued BlackBerry, the chief asked for forgiveness: "I will accept any penalty; hard labor, probation, a time out. ... Do werewolves kill humans just like vampires?"

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