Best Tweets: Radioactive Arizona Edition

Plus: the worst invention in the history of mankind

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Thanks to its new anti-immigration law, Arizona's not a popular state right now. David Waldman riffs on the news that a swastika of refried beans was found smeared on the doors of the Arizona Capitol...

  • KagroX: I've been trying to nail tortilla chips to the state house door, but they keep breaking.

...while blogger Ben Tribbett remains pragmatic as ever.

Meanwhile, GQ's Ana Marie Cox speaks for what we imagine is a substantial number of Twitter users...

...which causes a New York media figure known as mcbc to start thinking about sequels to recent events.

ABC News' Jake Tapper does Hemingway proud...

...while Politico's Ben Smith shows he's no slouch at condensed narrative.

  • benpolitico: In starbucks listening to job interview go horribly awry. "Do you know who Deepak Chopra is?"

We feel sort of weird re-posting this David Weigel
tweet, since it concerns the endless recycling of content:

  • daveweigel: Off to speak to a class about something called "journalism." Think it involves retyping press releases.

And finally, we don't normally offer flat-out endorsements, but The New York Times' David Carr really has a point here.

  • carr2n: The square coffee cup may be the worst invention in the history of western civilization. half my coffee in my lap at Plaza #NotMyDayPart

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