Best Tweets: Poultry Economy Edition

Money for nothing, chicks for free

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Impish Daily Kos editor David Waldman riffs on Nevada Senate candidate Sue Lowden's suggestion that bartering for health care--with chickens, say--might be a more sensible alternative to Obamacare:

KagroX: I heard @Sue_Lowden pays parking meters with Chicken McNuggets.

Speaking of doctors, Keith Olbermann's tweets about his medical procedure cross-pollinated with his tweets about media, resulting in some delightful ambiguity:

KeithOlbermann: @JordanFifer is this about Msnbc, or about colonoscopies?

Meanwhile, a blogger known only as Rock Dots weighed in on Arizona's new anti-immigration law:

RockDots: Arizona: But it's a DRY hate! #arizonanewstatemotto #p2 #ocra

Ezra Klein got metaphysical about a former Alaskan governor:

ezraklein: In the realm of human activities, no activity has less value than speculating over Sarah Palin's political future.

The Nation's Chris Hayes pointed us toward a lost jewel of pictographic design:

chrislhayes: The brilliant Chris Ware was hired by Fortune to design a cover for their magazine: For some reason they didn't run it

And on a gray, rainy day in D.C., Dave Weigel was just here to discuss the misprinted calendars the school had purchased:

daveweigel: Lousy Smarch weather.
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