What to Expect from Obama Today on Health Care

Having largely telegraphed its next move, don't expect any earth-shattering declarations from President Obama today. He'll keep his remarks brief and to the point, outlining the legislation that he hopes the House will pass, pointing out Republican ideas that he'd like to see included in a follow-on piece, and making it clear that he does not favor an incremental, piecemeal approach to reform.

"Expect the president to make the closing argument for health reform, don't expect him to get into a lot of detail on the process," is how a senior official put it to me.  But he will make it clear about where he wants to go and how he expects to get there. The House passes the Senate bill. Then both chambers pass the Obama "fixes" -- the House using regular mechanisms and the Senate using reconciliation.

Thumbnail image credit: Jewel Samad/Getty Images