The Invisible Primary, 3/8

Tracking the GOP race to 2012

Sarah Palin says her family went to Canada for health care when she was young; NBC says it didn't add a laugh track to Palin's appearance on Jay Leno; she also defended the crib notes written on her hand by saying that God did the same thing; and Palin will help John McCain raise money at a fundraiser in Arizona; Mitt Romney was scheduled to speak at the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches Monday; Romney says he will decide after November 2010 on whether or not to run for president; he also argued in a radio interview that the 2012 GOP nominee needs to be "as Ronald Reagan was, a big-top Republican welcoming conservatives of all types into our party"; Rick Santorum will headline an event for the Iowa Christian Alliance on Tuesday; Tim Pawlenty has hit a low point in home-state approval rating, at 42 percent; and his proposed 2011 budget eliminates funding for public radio.