Steele: Obama Never Really Pivoted from Health Care

The national unemployment rate stayed at 9.7 percent today with the Bureau of Labor Statistics' new numbers, marginally beating forecasts, and the Republican Party line on this is: President Obama skipped his pledged focus on jobs, moving onto his partisan battle for health care reform.

After the Massachusetts Senate election stripped Democrats of their 60-vote Senate supermajority, Obama had pledged a renewed focus on jobs before moving on to health care, taking Massachusetts voters' rejection of Democratic AG Martha Coakley as a sign that jobs and the economy were their main concern.

And Democrats did shift focus: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid ushered through a $15 billion jobs and a subsequent tax-extenders package that included unemployment benefits and COBRA extensions.

Nonetheless, Steele said: "President Obama began this new year with a resolution to the American people to shift his focus from health care to job creation but this was a resolution in name only.  Despite a national unemployment rate of 9.7 percent, the president has never truly wavered from his real focus of forcing government-run health care on America...

"The American public have made it clear what their priorities are but this past week has shown just how far the president will go to achieve his liberal agenda while blatantly ignoring their concerns and forgetting his promises.  The elections coming this fall will provide voters with two clear choices -- a Republican Party that listens and responds to Americans and a Democrat Party that is only interested in pursuing their own government-run pipe dreams."