Rubio's First Ad: It's About Federal Spending, the Kids

Forget working with President Obama, Marco Rubio says: it's all about thwarting government spending and debt and securing the future of the next generation.

Rubio, the conservative GOP Senate candidate in Florida, is out with the first TV ad in what promises to be a long and bruising primary battle against the centrist Gov. Charlie Crist (the primary election won't be held until August), and it features his own children prominently as he tells viewers it's time to stop government spending and get debt under control.

And "American needs Republicans who will stand up to Barack Obama, not join him," Rubio says.

The Rubio campaign says the first function of this ad is to introduce Rubio and his agenda to voters, but the Crist campaign points out that Rubio doesn't mention his career resume (though he does talk about his family history), departing from a traditional mode of introduction to voters. Perhaps Rubio doesn't need the typical introduction, since he's already gained significant traction with GOP primary voters (he leads Crist handily in polls right now), but the power of Rubio's candidacy has always seemed more about vocal, principled opposition to Obama economic policies anyway.

Here's the ad:

And here's the response from the Crist's communications director, Andrea Saul:

As the truth begins to surface about Speaker Rubio's double billing of taxpayers, lavish spending of Republican money, and, just today, excessive pork spending, no ad will be able to stop voters from seeing he is not who he claims to be. A Miami lobbyist, Speaker Rubio has proved he is just another typical politician who uses his public office for personal gain and only comes clean once caught. Floridians deserve a true steward of their hard earned taxpayer dollars and public servant who does the right thing, even when no one is looking.